Technical Services

Tubular Synergy provides the highest level of technical expertise for OCTG and Line Pipe in the industry.  The leader of our Technical Services team is renowned throughout our industry for his pipe manufacturing and oilfield tubular application knowledge and experience spanning over his 30+ year career.  Beau Urech, VP of Tubular Technology, has travelled the world auditing OCTG and Line Pipe mills, and therefore is uniquely qualified to identifying the highest quality, competitively priced products for our clients.  


When you do business with Tubular Synergy Group, you have access to Beau Urech and his team which allows you access to the highest level of expertise for OCTG & Line Pipe technical services in the industry.  These services include:

  • Casing String Design Review
  • OCTG Casing Failure Investigations
  • API, Semi-Premium and Premium thread applications
  • Mill Audits and Review
  • Tubular Application training
  • Tubular manufacturing primer training



  • Actual Pipe Size

    The measurement equal to the outside diameter of the pipe.

  • Actual Size

    The real measurement for either the Inside Diameter or the Outside Diameter of the Pipe.

  • Adapter

    A fitting used to connect pipes of different materials that require different joining methods; for example, a pipe which is threaded, connection to a tube that cannot be threaded.

  • Age Hardening

    Heat Treatment.

  • Aging

    Heat Treatment.

  • Air Hardening

    Heat Treatment.

  • Air Testing

    Subjecting teh specimen to air pressure.

  • AISI

    American Iron and Steel Institute.

  • Alloy

    A combination of two or more metals or a metal and a non-metal substance which is heated until they are blended together to form a new material. 

  • Alloy Group

    A kind of stainless steel classified accourding to its major alloy content.  For example, the three main groups of stainless steel are the straight chromium group, the chromium-nickel group and the chromium-nickel-manganese group.

  • Annealing

    A process involving heating and cooling usually applied to induce softening.  Also refers to treatments intended to alter mechanical or physical properties, produce a definite micro-structure or remove gases.

  • ANSI

    American National Standards Institute; the organization which sets the specifications for standard pipe.

  • API

    American Petroleum Institute; the organization that sets standards for pipe used in the petroleum industry.

  • As Drawn Tubing

    Tubing that is non-heat treated, cold drawn and having a scale-free, cold drawn surface.

  • As Welded Cold Rolled Tubing

    Tubing used for applications where superior surface is required, as for plating.  It has slightly closer wall and inside diameter tolerances in most sizes.

  • As Welded Hot Rolled Tubing

    Tubing that is more economical for use in many applications where surface finish and/or inside diameter tolerances are not as critical:  may be supplied with inside flash in, flash controlled to 0.010" maximum, or flash controlled to 0.005" maximum.

  • ASA

    American Standard Association; now ANSI; also the American Supply Association, an association of member distributors that sell various products.

  • ASM

    American Society for Metals

  • ASME

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

  • ASTM

    American Society for Testing and Materials International. 

  • Atmospheric Corrosion

    Rust, it occurs when unprotected steel is exposed to air containing moisture.  The attack is generally uniform on plain surfaces and may be affected by corners and other appurtenances.

  • Austenitic Grain Size

    Indicates the grain structure established by a standardized heat treatment procedure. 

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel

    A kind of stainless steel belonging to either teh chromium-nickel alloy group or the chromium-nickel-manganese alloy group. 


  • B.E.

    Beveled end.

  • Bales

    Banded lifts of pipe.

  • Bar Mill

    Rolling mill where blooms or billets form bars.

  • Bark

    The decarburized layer just beneath the scale that results from heating steel in an oxidizing atmosphere.

  • BDLS

    Bundles; the practice of packaging pipe.  Pieces per bundle vary by pipe size.

  • Beading

    Raising or depressing a ridge of specified contour on a section of tubing.

  • Bearing Load

    A compressive load supported by a member, usually a tube or collar, along a line where contact is made with a pin, rivet, axle or shaft.

  • Bearing Strength

    The maximum bearing load at failure divided by the effective bearing area in a pinned or riveted joint; the effective area is calculated as the product of the diameter of the hole and the thickness of the bearing member.

  • Bend Radius

    The radius corresponding to the curvature of the bent specimen or bent area of a formed part, measured on the inside of a bend or on the centerline of the tube, as defined.

  • Bend Tests

    Test used to determine the ductility and/or other characteristics of steel or tubing.  The number of bends and the radius and degree of bends are generally determined by the applicable specifications.

  • Bends

    Name used for cast iron soil pipe elbows; also an elbow, steel or other that changes the flow by some degree. 

  • Bess


  • Bevel

    The angle formed between the prepared edge of the end of the pipe and a plan perpendicular to the surface.  The bevel used for standard line pipe is 30θ.

  • Beveled End

    Description of pipe with its end cut at an angle to facilitate the weld joint used to join seperate lengths of pipe.

  • Billet

    Can be a round, solid bar of steel which will be pierced in the center to form a seamless pipe or tube or a square or rectangular semi-finished form that can be used in the manufacture of large diameter seamless tubes.

  • Black Bare

    Term associated with the pipe surface whereby the pipe will not be coated with mill spray oil; grease spots and cutting oils will not be removed.

  • Black Dry

    Term associated with the pipe surface whereby the pipe will not be coated with mil spray oil; all grease spots and cutting oils will be removed by washing.

  • Black Oiled

    Black or Bare Steel Pipe that has been oil coated.

  • Black Steel Pipe

    Steel Pipe that has been coated with a rust preventative to protect the pipe during shipping and initial storage (sometimes called Plain Pipe or Black Iron).

  • Blind Flange

    Type of flange made with no center hole that is bolted to another flange to end a pipeline.

  • Blk. St. (or BI. St.)

    Abbreviation used to indicate Black Steel Pipe; can be used simply to designate pipe that has not been galvanized.

  • Bloom

    A semi-finished hot rolled product produced on a blooming mill.

  • Blow Out

    The phrase describing the removal of cut flash from tubing. 

  • BOF

    Basic Oxygen Furnance.

  • BOP

    Basic Oxygen Process.

  • Borescope

    An optical device used for inspecting the inside surface of tubes under low magnification.

  • Box Annealing

    A process of annealing a ferrous alloy in a suitable closed metal container with or without packing material in order to minimize oxidation.  The charge is usally heated slowly to a temperature just below the transformation range (but sometimes above it or within it) and then cooled slowly.  The process is also called Closed Annealing or Pot Annealing.

  • Branch

    An outlet or an inlet that is not in line with the run of the fitting.