About Us

Tubular Synergy Group was founded in 2008 by members of the former leadership team of Lone Star Steel Company.  We were soon joined by hand selected technical, inside and outside sales experts who each brought their own critical element of knowledge to strengthen the unique business model we had launched.  The word “Synergy” in our name represents the foundation on which we have built our company.  That, and the combination of each of our time tested employees is greater than the sum of all our individual skill sets.  Not to mention that our team has nearly 300 years of combined oilfield tubular experience.

We are engaged in the oil and gas community which we have the privilege to serve.  We are active in nearly every industry association, club, or conference you could name.  This gives us the opportunity to get to know our customers better, understand their specific needs and product applications and thereby, better prepares us to select the best tubular solutions for each of their specific circumstances.

There are hundreds of pipe mills in the world, many are not worthy of a second thought by our customers.  We believe that there are only a few manufacturers that can consistently meet the performance criteria that today’s long laterals and multi-staged fracturing applications demand.  We pre-screen each of the manufacturers we represent, ensuring that they are the most technically advanced, and the most competitive manufacturing facilities in the industry.

No one understands the oilfield tubular market better than Tubular Synergy Group.  We are the team you can trust to keep you on the leading edge of market trends, manufacturing technologies, and ever changing tubular applications.  In short, we know what you wish you knew when it comes to oilfield tubulars.

There are two things that set us apart from all the others who might seek your business.  Our Trusted Knowledge!  And our Exceptional Value!

I hope you will allow us the privilege of serving you.   

W. Byron Dunn 

CEO & Founding Partner